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Orthodontic Team

Dr. Milos Lekic, BSc (Dent), DMD, MSc, FRCD(C) - Orthodontist

Dr. Milos Lekic completed his dental and orthodontic education in Winnipeg at the University of Manitoba. As both a clinical practitioner and an educator, he enjoys being exposed to both aspects of the vibrant and ever changing field of orthodontics. Dr. Lekic’s research interests are in the field of biomechanics. Because of this he is employing passive-self ligating bracket technologies through the use of Smart Clip brackets. He enjoys spending time with his wife Erin and son Luka, listening to music, wakeboarding and writing in his spare time.  


 Orthodontic Team

Denise - Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator, McPhillips Office

Ashley - Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator, Pembina Office 

Daniela - Orthodontic Receptionist

Monnie - Orthodontic Assistant

Kelly - Orthodontic Assistant

Wanda - Orthodontic Assistant

Chelsea - Orthodontic Assistant

Cherry - Orthodontic Assistant